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3 Surprising Health Conditions Chiropractic Manipulations Treat

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Do you only associate chiropractors with whiplash injuries, slipped discs, stiff necks and back pains? If yes, you're somewhat wrong, though you aren't alone in this school of thought. Chiropractic care helps the body and mind to heal itself, and it's even good for people with various health problems you wouldn't think of. Chiropractors are medical doctors with extensive knowledge in treating dysfunctional and misaligned joints through manipulations. They're trained not only to prevent and treat such health issues but also to examine and manage them. They use some exceptional techniques and approaches to heal musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems. Here are some surprising health conditions a chiropractor can treat.

Tension Headaches and Migraines

Many people experience headaches every day, though the causes are different. While some headaches are occasional, others are persistent and life-threatening. Some people wake up with some nagging and dull headaches, while others experience headaches that cause nausea and debilitating pain. Though you may take painkillers and expect the pain to go away, spinal manipulations are more effective. Professional chiropractors know the spinal manipulations that relieve tension headaches, including those that start in the neck. Chiropractic adjustments that alleviate stress and improve spinal function treat headaches more effectively.

Anxiety and Stress

Almost everyone today gets stressed at some point in their work, school or home life. Although it's important to assess the damage that stress causes to your health, pay much attention to the source. Your emotions, body and environment are the three main sources of the stress you experience. Environmental stress has something to do with performance standards, time pressures, physical threats, weather and noise. Body stress includes physical injury, poor sleep, poor nutrition, organ malfunction and disease processes. Emotional stress has something to do with your emotions and reactions to physical and environmental stressors. Chiropractors use relaxation techniques and adjustments that trigger the spine to releases nerve impulses, which relieve muscle tension and uneven pressure that cause stress.


Most people only take their range of flexibility and motion seriously when they are old. Decreased flexibility and mobility can negatively impact someone's life. For instance, the degenerative conditions and injuries that cause stiffness, swelling and pain limit motion and flexibility in a big way. Besides enhancing flexibility, chiropractic manipulations on your spine restore motion, reduce pain, realign your joints and bones and improve coordination and balance.

Individuals with weak immune systems and fibromyalgia also benefit a lot from chiropractic adjustments and manipulations. A good chiropractor carries out a complete physical examination before they diagnose the problem and select the chiropractic treatment to give. The hands-on, manipulative therapies a chiropractor offers don't just enhance the health of your nerves, muscles and bones, but they also keep your spine healthy and strong.