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What Types of Exercises Can You Do for Your Back Pain?

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If you experience some back pain, it is crucial that you visit your doctor before attempting any form of exercise. The doctor will inform you whether to exercise or not. The reason behind this is that you can further damage your back as you do not know the kind of strain or injury you are experiencing. Note a few exercises you can do at the comfort of your home to ease your back pain. If any of the described activities make you feel additional pain, you need to stop and consult your doctor.

Bending and Rising

You need to stand upright with your legs slightly apart and fold your hands in front of your chest. The next thing is to lean forward, but before you bend, take a deep breath in, then breath out as you lean. Also, as you bend, fold your knees slightly and stick your bottom out so that your back is straight. You can now bend and make sure your upper body is parallel to the ground. As you rise, breath in. You can do this about ten times.

Raising Your Arm and Leg

This is achieved when you are on all fours. Your knees should be apart and so should your arms. When ready, stretch out your left arm and right leg at the same time and then return them to their initial position. Do the same thing for the other hand and leg (right arm and left leg). You can also do this about ten times.

Knee Raise

While you're still on your fours, raise your right knee towards your left elbow to stretch your back. Do the same for the left knee and repeat about ten times as well. You can repeat this twenty times if you want or feel that you can get to twenty or more, but don't overwork your back.

Back Arch

For this exercise, you will also need to be on your fours. Arch your back while looking down (curving your back outwards), don't be tempted to look up. You will look up when you lower your stomach towards the ground (hollowing your back), the opposite of arching. Do this exercise slowly, don't strain! For pregnant women, you may skip this one.

Other Exercises You Can Do When Not at Home

Swimming is regarded as good exercise generally and will also be good for your back. It helps with the joints and muscles of your entire body.

You can join yoga! You will do most of the exercises mentioned above and more. Additionally, you will have a professional instructing you!

If your back pain continues, your doctor may recommend that you attend physio to learn more exercises that will help your back.