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What You Should Know Before Applying To Be a FIFO Doctor

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With Fly in Fly Out becoming a standard work pattern among Australian doctors, you may be interested in a medical physician vacancy in this line of work. One of the reasons why FIFO is becoming especially prominent as because it is much needed in an array of industries. Not to mention that both public and private hospitals also need these doctors for various situations. Nonetheless, before you can apply for a medical physician vacancy in FIFO, you need to be prepared. Below are a few of things that you should know before committing to becoming a FIFO doctor.

Determine what you want from FIFO

Before you can apply for a medical physician vacancy in FIFO, you need to determine what you want from this line of work. So what consideration should you have in mind? The first thing to consider is whether you want to fly in and out of regional areas or if you will work in remote areas. This consideration is essential since you could be spending a couple of weeks on end, so you should prepare to live without some amenities depending on your location.

The second consideration you should have is your rotations. Unlike regular physician work at a local office, FIFO rotations last much longer. The difference is while on FIFO you work all through the rotation, you get several days of leave after. You should also note that some rotations could end up being unpredictable depending on weather patterns or operational needs. Therefore, if you are used to stability, you need to ponder about whether FIFO will be suited to your lifestyle.

Enrol in additional courses

A misconception some doctors may have about FIFO work is that as long as they are a qualified physician, then they will get the job. The reality is that, depending on the job site, you may need additional qualifications to ensure that you will be suitable for the work environment. For instance, if you will be working on an offshore site, you will be required to pass some survival courses too. You should also note that for some FIFO positions, there would be some essential pre-requisite coursework too. Therefore, it is judicious to establish the courses that will be needed and enrol in them in good time.

Formulate your finances

The remuneration employed for FIFO work can significantly differ from regular GP employment. Thus, you should be aware of the difference before you apply for your position. For instance, leave days may not be paid for in FIFO so you may not be compensated on your time off. In some cases, accommodation may not be provided, or perhaps you will get a stipend that you have to top up for your daily needs. Working out your finances beforehand will help in avoiding disappointments once you get the job.

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